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This family code reflects the values and principles of our family. It serves to strengthen our relationships, clarify expectations and shape our journey together as a family.

Love and Respect

Love and respect are at the heart of our family. We treat each other with kindness, respect and care.

Open Communication

We welcome open discussions and the sharing of thoughts and feelings. We actively listen to each other and speak to each other honestly and respectfully.

Support and Cohesion

We are one Team. We support each other in all situations and encourage each other to pursue our individual dreams and goals.

Time Together

We appreciate the time we spend together. Regular activities, such as joint excursions, strengthen our bond and create memories.

Sense of Responsibility

Every family member bears responsibility for our community. Together we contribute to a feel-good environment.

Diversity and Acceptance

We welcome diversity and accept our differences. Everyone in our family is unique and is respected.

Education and personal Development

We encourage lifelong learning and the development of our skills and interests.


We appreciate what we have and are grateful for the small and big pleasures in life.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are normal and we are committed to resolving them in a respectful manner. We work together to find solutions that are fair for everyone.

Safety and Security

Every member of the family contributes to safety and security. We protect ourselves from harmful influences and offer each other emotional support.

Community Service

We contribute to strengthening our community by taking responsibility for the world around us.